What do the “Agent SMS Availability” sliders control?

Sliders control when text messages are sent through the system.  No text messages will be sent out by the system (i.e. initial text message or a drip campaign message)  outside the days and times you indicate you will be available to respond.

How do I change my password?

  1.  Go to "my account"
  2. Select "my profile"

  3. Scroll down to "site information" change your password and then save at the bottom of the page.

What is an Ad Campaign, and how do I create one?

If there are multiple users or agents on a site, we give the agents the ability to market themselves with a unique ad campaign link (usually first initial, last name). This gives an agent the ability to do their own lead gen and ensure any personal marketing results in leads going to themselves as opposed to another agent.


What is the Lead Admin toggle on the My Profile page?

The lead admin is used as a fallback for leads.  There should always be at least one admin on your account.  Any leads that are not distributed will go over to the lead admin.

Can I change my login email address?

Yep!  Just go to the My Profile page, scroll down to the Login Email section, and click Change Login Email.

Are there password requirements for length / characters?

The only requirement is that your password must be 4 characters.

If I add my own listings AND featured listings to my profile page, how will they display on the site?

The first listings you'll see are your own agent listings, your featured listings will appear after that. 

How does the Import Leads From field work in My Profile?

This setting allows you to import new leads from other websites.  To pull these leads in, simply follow our instructions here