How do I add a new agent?

  1. Select the “Broker/Admin” tab

  2. Select the “User List” tab

  3. Select the “Add New User” button

  4. Input information. Necessary information that must be added: a. Email (becomes the new user's username) b. Password (any password, they can change it when they login) c.Confirmation of Password

  5. Save

*Adding active agents may affect your pricing, please contact us if you have any questions.

What does the Agent Active check box mean in my user list?

This option controls whether or not an agent receives leads.  An active agent will be in your lead rotation while an inactive agent will not.  Inactive agents will still be able to add leads manually if needed.

How do I remove an agent from lead distribution?

  1. Go to Broker / Admin - > User List.

  2. Uncheck “Active” box.

What features or fields are available to somebody with a Broker position vs. an Agent position?
Users set up under the Broker position have addition Content features available:

  • They can create landing pages, add custom pages, add custom listing content, and blog.  
  • They can also delete leads and export leads from the dashboard. 
  • They can view ALL leads in the dashboard, whereas agents can only view leads assigned to them.  
  • They can access the User List of all agents and add/remove agents.
  • They can customize default email templates and some specific home page content.  

If a user with a Broker position would like to give these permissions to another agent, they can simply change their position in the system.

What does the Agent Visible check box mean in my user list?

This controls whether or not the agent shows up on the Agents page of your website.  Any agents that are un-checked will not appear on that public page.  

How do I delete an agent?

  1. Go to Broker / Admin - > User List.
  2. Click the red X all the way to the right of the agent's name.
  3. Select the new agent you wish to transfer their leads to.
  4. Type DELETE in to the verification box.
  5. Click Delete Agent.