How can I manually assign leads to drip campaigns?

You can manually assign drip campaigns in two places within the TORCHx platform.  If you start on the lead dashboard, there is section for lead labeled “Email Stats.” In that box is a droplet Capture.PNG.  Clicking this will allow you to add an existing drip campaign to this lead.  

The next area you are able to add a drip campaign is within the lead details page.  If you click the leads name, you will be taken to the detail page. On this page in the right corner is a box labeled “Drip Campaigns.”  If you click assign to a drip campaign, a drop down appears and you can select an existing campaign to run for this lead.


What time of day do Drip Campaign Emails get sent out?  

Drip campaigns start sending at 8:30 am EST

Can I send multiple emails and texts in a day as part of a drip campaign?

No, only one email and one SMS message can be sent per day.

If more than 1 SMS or email are scheduled, one will be sent of each, and then the the others will be queued until next week.

Can I apply a group of leads to drip campaigns by tag?  For example: open house

No. Currently you cannot assign bulk actions to a selection of leads like this.

What happens if I delete a drip campaign and there are leads still in the campaign?  Will they continue along the series?

Those leads would be removed from the campaign. The lead does still show that the drip campaign is there though in case they want to switch the user to a new campaign.

How do the automatic drip campaign triggers work?  

The triggers are set up based on the page the user registers on.  If they register on a listing for sale, they'll go on the Buyer campaign.  If they register on a listing for rent, they'll go on the Renter campaign.  If they register on the seller squeeze page, they'll go on the Seller campaign.  

What actions will pause, or suspend a drip campaign series?

  • Manually pausing the campaign through the portal.
  • Having a lead respond by email or text to a drip campaign message they receive. 

In both of these instances, the campaign will be paused and we'll send out a notification to the agent that it's been paused. 

Will a drip campaign pause if I manually call or email a lead?  

No.  A drip campaign will only pause as a result of the client texting or emailing in reply to a drip campaign message they receive. 

Can I preview a Community drip campaign before importing it to my list?

No.  Currently you must import the campaign first to view the messages. 

Can I add a lead to multiple drip campaigns?  

Each client is only eligible to receive one drip campaign at a time.

If you're interested in multiple campaigns, you can simply create one larger campaign that houses both of your desired message campaigns.  

What happens to future emails/texts that are scheduled to send if I edit an email/text in the campaign?

Those changes will be reflected in future messages that are part of the campaign.  

What are automatic triggers and how do I set them?

An  automatic trigger allows you to automatically assign drip campaigns to your leads when they register on your site. To set them up:

  1. Click the Email/TXT Marketing tab
  2. Click the Drip Campaigns tab
  3. Click Add new trigger
  4. Pick an action (buyer, seller or renter registers)
  5. Assign appropriate drip campaign
  6. Save changes