What can I edit in my saved search email prior to sending?

No. You can modify the frequency of the email that goes out by clicking in to the Lead Details page and selecting the Searches tab.  You will not be able to edit the actual content of the message.  

Do all my emails have an unsubscribe link on them?


How do saved search emails work?  Do these automatically get set up?  

This function is defaulted on for all users.  A saved search email will automatically send new property listings to your clients on a weekly basis.  We will do our best to identify the user's search activity/behavior and set up a comparable saved search email.  

How does email integration work?

Email integration can bring in emails that are sent and received between an agent and client.  When you set up this integration you will be able to use the lead details page to view any messages you've exchanged with a client.  This prevents you from having to bounce back and forth to check on a previous conversation.

Is there a monthly cap on email messages sent through TORCHx?

There is NO cap on monthly email messages.

Can I customize the look of my email templates?  Can I add a custom header or footer?

Yes!  If you're set up with a Broker position, go to Setup - > Email Settings.  From there you can go to the Custom Email Template section and change the overall look of any email sent through TORCHx. 

Can I embed videos in my emails?

The best way to do this is to take a screenshot of the video and add that image to the email.  From there you can link the screenshot directly to your video. 

Am I notified when a potential client opens or clicks on an email I send?

If a lead is not marked as "in communication" on the dashboard, we WILL send a notification. Once you mark the lead as “in communication”, these emails will stop going out. 

We will also track opens, clicks, etc. from the lead dashboard and details page. 

What messages appear under “Unread Messages” on the dashboard home page?

Any inbound emails you receive, as long as you've integrated your email account.

What email address will my messages send out from?

The address you have listed under your My Profile page.  

Can I add an attachment to my emails?

You can upload a document to dropbox, then include the link in your email, and/or upload a picture and then add the hyperlink to the document, so when they click the picture it opens the document. 

Can I add a video to my emails?

You can include the link to your video in your email, and or upload a pic and add the hyperlink to the video so when they click the picture it plays the video.


How do I change the welcome email for new registrations? 

Currently our system sends a default email to new registrations, if you prefer to put your flare into it you can by following the steps below.

  1. Login to Torchx and go to Admin Backend

  2. Left hand side click Setup

  3. Click Email Settings tab

  4. You will now see a box labeled “Welcome email new registrations.” From this point, you can leave the default or customize it.