How do you verify a lead's email address is good?

If the initial email we send bounces, we assume the address is bad and mark it as such.  If the email gets successfully delivered, we mark the email address as good.

Can a client create multiple leads in the system by registering multiple times? 

As long as the email address matches, we will not allow duplicate leads to show up in the system.  

Can I import leads form other websites?

Yes!  Follow our instructions here.

How does a lead change out of a New status?

Whenever a lead is "accepted" by a user, it will move in to an In Progress status.  If you have only 1-2 users in your account, it's likely your leads will automatically be accepted and move to this In Progress status.  

What happens when a lead moves to In Progress?
As soon as the lead is moved to In Progress, the welcome email will be sent out. 

Can a user register through Facebook?  How does that differ from a normal registration?
Yes, a user can register by logging in to their Facebook account.  When this happens we will attempt to grab their contact information, profile picture, and link to their FB page. 

What does “Attempt Verification” mean when adding a new lead? 

This will send out a double opt-in email asking them to verify their email address.

Can I customize the registration form that a lead sees?

No, there is no way to add special fields or update the look of the registration form.

How do I change how many properties a lead can view before the registration popup appears?

  1. Login TORCHx backend

  2. Click “Setup”

  3. Click“Lead options” tab

  4. Locate the "Show Registration" and "Force Registration" fields

  5. You are now able to change how many properties someone can view before being forced to register. Ex: If you have (0) for “Show Registration and Force registration at (2), a lead will click on the property and be asked to register.  They are able to close this box 2 times until they are forced to register. 

How do I change the welcome email for new registrations? 

Currently our system sends a default email to new registrations, if you prefer to put your flare into it you can by following the steps below.

  1. Login to Torchx and go to Admin Backend

  2. Left hand side click Setup

  3. Click Email Settings tab

  4. You will now see a box labeled “Welcome email new registrations.” From this point, you can leave the default or customize it.