Can I customize the look of the Home Valuation page?

Not presently.  You are able to customize the text in the menu bar, but not the page itself.  

How do you estimate home values for the CMA?

A combination of MLS data, Zillow data, and e-praisal is used to provide these estimates.

I already use CloudCMA.  Can I integrate it with TORCHx?

Yes.  If you already a CloudCMA account, go to Setup -> Site Setup and you can enter your CloudCMA API key.  When you do this we'll send out the CMA PDF to any client that uses the home valuation tool.  . This is how we integrate their account with our site.

Will my prospect receive any other paperwork after filling out the home valuation?

They will receive an email thanking them for submitting their info and letting them know you'll be in touch.  If you've integrated with CloudCMA, they will also receive that PDF appraisal.