What are landing pages?

Landing pages are used as a primary facilitator of SEO value for the TORCHx platform. They have a large amount of flexibility and can be customized to varying degrees. Landing pages are those pages that a visitor lands on when conducting searches on search engines, such as Google. There are four types of landing pages: City, Neighborhood, Community and Other pages.


What is the difference between “Landing Pages” and “Custom Pages”? 

Landing pages allow you to override and edit any city, neighborhood, town page that we've already created on your behalf.  They work off of a standard template that allows you to customize specific sections.  An example can be found here:  http://www.homesorlandofl.com/fl/winter-park/ 

By contrast, custom pages are free form pages that you can do anything you want on. They start with a blank slate that allows you to add any content you'd like.  Here's an example of a custom page used for reviews:  http://www.homesorlandofl.com/c/Other-Reviews/