How do I access the Lead Details page?

All you have to do is find the lead on your main dashboard and click on their name to open the details page.

Can you explain the timeline filter area?

The timeline filter is available on the lead details page underneath their contact information and the unfollow and unsubscribe buttons. You can access it by clicking on the leads name. This is a complete history of everything that has occurred pertaining to that lead since they registered on your site. You can click on any event listed in the timeline to see more details to the right. You can also click the “timeline filter” link to select only the events you want to view.

What do the different colors mean on a lead's timeline filter?

When you open an individual lead's details page, you'll notice a color-coded timeline on the left. Here are the different options.

  • Yellow:    System notifications to agent
  • Blue:      System notes
  • Green:    Emails
  • Red:      Searches / Saved Searches done by lead
  • White:    Property Views / Saved Properties

How do I delete leads?

TORCHx does not recommend deleting leads from your system, just in case that lead becomes active again on your site.  However, if you really just want the lead gone, click on the name of the lead from the lead overview page.  Then, on the left hand side of the details page you will see “Delete” click this and the lead will no longer show up in your system.

How do I send a search to a lead?

Sending a search to a lead can really show you are paying attention to what they are looking at. Also, it makes it convenient for the lead to go directly back to your site and see the search they had previously done. Below is a step by step of how you can send a search:

  1. Lead dashboard

  2. Click the name of the lead you wish to send a search to

  3. Click “Searches” button at top of page 

  4. Click “Add New Search” Button 

  5. Fill in your criteria for the search, including cities, a map search, beds, baths, etc..

  6. Choose if you want new listings sent daily, weekly, biweekly or off to only send the search one time.
  7. If you would like to preview search before sending just click “Preview Search” blue button 


Can I edit a search that a lead has saved?

Yes, you may edit the saved search! Let’s say your leads priorities have changed from looking for a 2 bedroom house to a 4 bedroom house. They may have also needed to change areas for work or school.  Follow these simple steps below to edit a saved search.

  1. Lead dashboard
  2. Click the name of the lead who you want to edit a saved search for
  3. Click “Searches” button at top of page
  4. Click pencil to open search
  5. Modify search from here and click the Save Search button when done.

How do I send individual listings to my leads?

When you send individual listings to a lead, our system will send any updated information about those properties

  1. Lead Dashboard
  2. Click the name of the lead you want to send listings. This will take you to the lead detail page.
  3. Click “Send Listings” button at top of page
  4. Perform search and/or map search of what the lead is requesting, search results will appear
  5. Select listings from your search by clicking those listings. A green checkmark indicates you have selected the listing to send.
  6. Choose method of sending- listings can be sent via email or text message. 

What does the “unfollow” button do?

Have you ever had those people come through that are just “kickin tires”, bored or just exploring with no intention of ever buying?  The unfollow button is perfect for any of those scenarios and can be found within the lead details page. By clicking “unfollow” you will not receive any activity notifications about this lead. 

Can I unsubscribe a lead from receiving emails?

Sometimes our leads are just over getting the listings, emails, text messages that our system sends out and may request for you to unsubscribe them from our system generated material. If you would like to unsubscribe a lead, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Lead dashboard

  2. Search and Click the name of the lead that you would like to unsubscribe

  3. You are now in the lead details page, on the left hand side of the screen you will see “Unsubscribe” above the timeline.

  4. Once this is clicked the lead will no longer receive system generated emails or texts or any email sent from the system.

If a lead forgets their login to my site, how do I send those credentials to them?

Having the ability to send your lead their login information is a great tool! With everyone having so many accounts with so many passwords we can barely keep track of every login. So if your lead is dying to keep searching on your site and you want that stored, send them their login information with the steps below

  1. Lead Dashboard

  2. Search and Click the name of the lead you want to send login information to.  This takes you to the lead detail page.

  3. In the upper right hand corner it says "Send Login Info".  Click this and the login information will be sent to your lead.

If I need to edit a lead’s contact information, how can I do that?

 If you would like to edit the contact information this can be done in two places.  First, you need to be on the lead dashboard.  From there, click the name of the lead and it opens the lead details page.  You will see the name in the top left and an edit with a pencil icon. By clicking this icon you are able to change the phone number or email of the lead. To change more information including name or address information, you will need to click the "Full Details" tab and this page let add and edit information about the lead.