What is the default lead distribution set up?

Area Round Robin is the default setting so it is important for an active agent to select all the target areas they wish to receive leads in under their account profile.

What are all the options for lead distribution?

There are three options for systematic lead distribution

  1. Area Round Robin, distributed based on target areas; 
  2. Pure Round Robin, distributed based on next in line; 
  3. Shark Tank, one user is set up as the primary agent and they assign others agents as secondary agents to all their leads, the first secondary agent to accept the new lead gets it.

How do we change our lead distribution?

Send an email to: support@torchx.com.

How do I assign or choose a secondary agent for my leads?

There are two spots this can be done:

OPTION 1:  Go to My Account - > My Profile and scroll to where it says "assign these secondary users to new leads".  This gives you the option to add multiple secondary users to any new leads.

OPTION 2:  If you are assigned as a Broker in TORCHx, go to the main lead dashboard and scroll to the right.  Under the Agent column there's an option for Primary and Other.  Add your secondary agent to the Other field.

How are lead distributed among multiple agents? 

By default the leads will round robin between all agents if no target areas are selected in My Profile.  If an agent has selected specific areas within their My Profile page, leads from those cities will round robin between the agents that focus on those areas. (ie. if two agents target Miami, Miami leads will round robin between those two agents.) 

*note:  if an agent is marked as "inactive" on the User List page they will not be included in the rotation.  

Can I have multiple ‘Lead Admins’?


What is the best way to make sure an agent does not get a lead without it being manually assigned?

Make sure they are not active and are not selected as a lead admin.  As leads come in, you can simply manually assign them to that agent.