Can you create banners for individual listings such as “Reduced Price” and add them to the thumbnail?

No.  All images and listing data is synced directly from the MLS.  This information would need to be added on the MLS side in order to pull over to the TORCHx site.

If I have multiple agents, which one will show up on a listing page under "I'm here to help."?

There are a couple of scenarios. 

  • If you simply have multiple agents and the listing is not owned by any of them, this field will rotate through your agents with every property view. 
  • If the property belongs to a specific agent at your company, there is a setting that allows the “listing agent” to show on their own properties.
  • If the person visited the website by using an agent's "ad extension", only THAT agent will show up.

How come the map appears to show less listings than are actually out there?

We show up to 50 results on the map at a time.  If there are more than 50 results there is a message at the top of the page stating “Only showing 50 homes. Zoom in, or use filters to narrow your search.”

How do the Request Showing and Question buttons function on a property listing page?  

These function like a normal registration form.  A lead will be created and the agent will receive a note explaining what was asked/requested.

Can I put custom links or videos on the property pages?

Yes, you can add any custom content you like to individual listings.  Follow the instructions in the next question to find out how.

How do I add custom content to listings?

  1.  Navigate to the Backend
  2. Select the Content Tab

  3. Select Custom Listing Content

  4. Select Add New Custom Content

  5. Enter the MLS# of the listing you wish to add custom content to the Enter MLS # field

  6. Use the text editor to add photos, videos and/or more information

  7. Click the Save button.  After clicking the save button, a blue link should appear to the right of the MLS# and picture of the listing.  When you open the listing you'll now notice your custom content right above the Price History area.


Where do the property listing map markers pull from?

We use Google maps to identify the pin location of a property.

Can I add rentals to my site?

Absolutely.  Just let our team know you'd like to include rentals when setting up your site and we'll get them added!