If a lead responds to a text message, where does the reply go?

The reply will get saved in to your TORCHx portal under that client's record and, depending on how you have notifications set up, you may receive an email / text notification that a text has been responded to.  

Is there a monthly cap on text messages?

Yes.  There is a cap of 2,000 messages per account however, we have never seen a client go over this limit.  

Do my texts have an opt out message?

Yes.  The first text message that goes out informs the client of how to stop future text messages.

If someone unsubscribes from texts, do we show when and to which message they sent their STOP request?

Yes.  It will show up in the lead timeline with a time stamp.

What number are text messages sent from?

Text messages are sent from a number that we supply for each account.  This number is what allows you to utilize texts through the dashboard. To view this number, follow these instructions:

  1. Lead Dashboard

  2. My Account Tab

  3. Listing Rider

  4. Click Print and the Print Preview will show the number used for SMS messaging.


Can I remove somebody from receiving texts manually?  

Not in current state.  You will have to tell the client to reply STOP to the text messages.  Another alternative would be to change the phone number they have listed on the account so they're no longer receiving texts.  

Will marking a number as bad unsubscribe them from texts?

No.  It's possible the number could accidentally be marked as bad so even if they are in this status, we will still attempt to send texts.

Will leads I manually upload be eligible for text messages?

As long as you ask them to text START to your text messaging number, they will be able to receive texts.  

Can I customize the initial buyer and seller text? 

If you have Broker level access, you will be able to follow the steps below to customize the initial text message that goes out to your leads.

  1. Log into TORCHx backend

  2. Click “Setup” left hand side

  3. Click  “Site Setup”

  4. Scroll down to “Customize buyer initial SMS” or “Customize Seller initial SMS”