What is it?  What do I do there?

The Leads tab is probably THE most important tab you'll find in the dashboard.  Use this tab to view the lead dashboard, see prospect search and communication activity, add new leads to the system

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What's in the Lead Dashboard?

The lead dashboard captures all the information you'll need to understand what your leads are looking for.  Take a look at the image below and corresponding key to see what's available.

  1. Lead Information - Lead name, number, email, registration date, last activity date.
  2. Property Stats - Details # of properties viewed, average price point, and how  many properties have been marked as a favorite.
  3. Search Stats - Total number of searches done and number of searches that have been saved.
  4. Call Stats - Successful calls made, unsuccessful calls made, text messages sent.
  5. Email Stats - Emails sent, emails opened, emails clicked, emails received back, and current drip campaign status.
  6. Status - Current status of the lead (hot, cold, in progress, etc.) as well as their purchase / sale timeframe.
  7. Agent - Primary and secondary agent (if applicable) assigned to lead as well as how many times they've been touched (called, texted, emailed) and when the last touch was.
  8. Additional Lead Details - Buying or selling?, where the lead came from, the website they were generated from.
  9. Pending Reminders - Number of active reminders and most recent reminder text.
  10. Proactive Notifications - Highlights any activity completed by the lead (viewed a listing multiple times, saved a property, saved a search).
  11. Notes - Important notes to remember.
  12. Tags - Secondary status field.  tag leads with things like "open house" "referral" or other important details you can filter by later on.
  13. Dashboard Filter Tabs - Used to categorize your leads so they're easier to manage.  We'll create standard tabs to start (ie. On Fire = active on site in last 72 hours, has good email address, has good phone number) but you can click Save Dashboard View after filtering your leads to save any view you'd like.  
  14. Search / Filter Bar - Add search criteria to narrow down your lead dashboard.  Find things like just buyers looking in a specific price range or a certain city.  The dashboard view will automatically update as you add filters.
  15. Lead Actions - Generate saved searches for your leads, export a lead list, send a mass text or mass email.

What's in Add Lead?

Add lead lets you manually enter leads in to the system.  This section is used to enter a lead's information in one at a time.  If you have a larger group of leads you'd like to add, try using our bulk upload feature. 

What's in Bulk Upload?

Bulk upload is where you'll go to import any of your existing leads into the TORCHx platform.  All you have to do is select the file from your computer, check the box letting us know if you want to send these leads a welcome email, then click Upload & Send Request. 

Our team will receive your file and upload your leads to the dashboard.