What is it?  What do I do there?

My Account is where you'll control all your personalized agent information.  You can build your agent profile page for the website, customize the email or text notifications you receive, set up email and calendar integration, and print listing riders.

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What's in My Dashboard?

My Dashboard is mainly used if you're working in a team or brokerage setting.  This page will show a high level overview of YOUR lead activity.  You can view things like number of leads accepted, number of leads passed on, and number of leads expired.  You can also find a corresponding activity graph to give you a visual reference of lead activity.  

What's in My Profile?

My Profile lets you set up your personal agent page for the website and update some of your lead settings.  Below is an overview of each section and what you can control in each.

  • Personal Image - The image of you that will appear on the agent page and on listings.
  • Contact Information - Basic info like name, contact preferences, social media links, MLS ID, and Zillow screen name.  This is used to feed in to your agent profile on the website.  You'll also be able to specify your text message preferences (when the system sends texts to leads), as well as the signature that shows up on any emails you send.  
  • Site Information - Primarily used to control lead activity and permissions.  Change your username or password, specify whether you want to accept rentals or send automatic search emails to prospects.  This is also where you can choose other sites to import leads from and decide if you want any other agents to get copied on your leads.
  • Agent Page Customization - Select whether you want to show your own listings or specific featured listings on your agent page.  Add a personal logo or elevator pitch to the page.
  • Target Areas - If you specialize in certain cities, let us know and we'll add quick links to these cities to your profile page.  If you're working in a team, these cities also may control lead distribution.
  • Agent Bio - Add any certifications or awards to your profile and build out a more detailed description that goes in the main body section of the page.

What's in Notifications?

Notifications lets you control what types of email and text alerts you receive from the TORCHx system.  Want to know when a lead looks at a property multiple times?  Want to know if they save a search or click on an email you send?  All of these notifications can be chosen from this screen.  Simply toggle the On / Off switch for the notifications you want to receive, and the ones you don't.

What's in Email Integration?

This is where you'll connect your email account directly to the TORCHx platform.  When you connect to your email account, any communication you have with a lead by email will get synced to the dashboard.  This gives you a simple way to track the conversation you're having with your leads without having to click back and forth through TORCHx and your email account.  

To integrate your email, ensure you're logged in to your mail server, then type in your email address, first name, and last name.  Then hit Connect.

What's in Calendar Integration?

If you use Google Calendar to manage your schedule, this page will let you sync your Google account to the TORCHx dashboard.  When you do this, any reminders you set for you leads in the TORCHx platform will push out to your Google calendar...so no matter where you are, you'll always have access to your most important to-do list.

To set this up all you have to do is choose your time zone, hit Connect, and log in to your Google account.

What's in Listing Rider?

The Listing Rider gives you a way to generate leads from people who may be driving by your properties.  We provide you with a unique text messaging number and QR code.  All you have to do is come to this page, print the rider, and place it at the property.  A sample of the rider is in the image below.  (we recommending going to a local printing store to print in a large format)

As prospects are driving by the property, they text the number or scan the QR code to pull up your listings.  We'll even show them nearby properties that they might be interested in!  Once they text or scan the code, we'll create a lead in the dashboard so you can follow up with them.