What is it?  What do I do there?

Broker / Admin is primarily used to add new users or control user permissions or access to the TORCHx platform.  This section will only be available if you're set up with the "Broker" position within the system.  From here you can also view a summary of all lead activity for the brokerage.  

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What's in Broker Dashboard?

If you work in a team or brokerage setting, the Broker Dashboard will show a high level overview of ALL lead activity for the account.  You can view things like number of leads, leads this month, and leads last month.  Below the summary you'll also find an activity graph to give you a visual reference of how mnay leads your agents are marking as Hot, Cold, or Closed. 


What's in User List?

The User List page gives the account owner the chance to review all users that have been added to the account, adjust certain permissions, and add or remove users from the system.  Take a look at the image below and corresponding key to learn about a few of your options.

  1. Agent Name - Name of agent / user.
  2. Total Primary Leads - Number of leads agent is assigned as primary agent on.
  3. Last Activity - Date / time agent was last active in the TORCHx system.
  4. User Type - Position type (broker, agent, lender).  Will dictate certain visibility and lead distribution in dashboard.
  5. Leads (Last 30) - Number of leads received in last 30 days.
  6. Avg Time to 1st Call (Last 30) - Average time until agent first calls a lead for last 30 days.  Agent must log calls in TORCHx for this to report.
  7. Touches Per Lead (Last 30) - Average number of touches (calls, emails, texts) agent had with each lead in past 30 days.
  8. Agent Active - Controls whether agent is actively receiving leads.  Uncheck this box to remove an agent from lead distribution.
  9. Agent Visible - Controls whether agent appears on your website.  Uncheck this box to remove an agent and their profile from the site.
  10. CC On All Leads - Controls whether agent receives email copy of all leads that come in.
  11. Actions - Edit a user's profile, lock them out of TORCHx, delete them, or impersonate them (allows you to view what THEIR portal looks like).
  12. Add New User - Click to add a new agent to the system. *each TORCHx account comes with a maximum user limit