Lead Summary

This area is broken up into 4 sections.

  1. Registration Data –
    • Registration Date - when the lead registered
    •  Referral Source – shows how a lead found you whether through a search engine or website
    • Search Term – keywords used most often by this lead
  2. [LEADNAME] searches mostly for – this area shows what average city, neighborhoods, price points, beds/baths, and property types this lead commonly searches for.
  3. Search Behavior – shows you a visualization of the data above in the form of a pie chart.
  4. Drip Campaign – shows you if a lead is assigned to a campaign and how much longer they have on that campaign

Full Details

You can enter extra information about this lead

  1. General Information – you can enter basic information about the lead here such as:
    • First and Last Name
    • Mobile and Home Phone Numbers
    • Addresses
  2. Employment Information – information about where this lead is employed currently
    • Company Name
    • Position in Company
    • Address of Company
    • Notes about type of work they do
    • Company Website
    • Work Phone


  1. The dropdown box underneath Saved Searches can be used to sort the searches this lead has in their history.
  2. This page lists the searches created by this lead including searches created by the system for this lead. The system searches can be edited to include more areas you think this lead might be interested in to send out automatically.


  1. The dropdown box underneath Properties Viewed can be used to sort the properties displayed
  2. Images of properties this lead has looked at will show here. There is also a blue number that indicates how often this lead has looked at this property.

Send Listings

  1. The area under Send Listings can be used to narrow down the properties you wish to send to this lead.
  2. The images displayed show all the properties that fit into the criteria set above. You can click on which you wish to send to the lead.
  3. Above the images shows Send Via Email and Send Via TXT  you can click which one of these you want to use to send the selected properties to your lead.