1. Search - is basically the home page view of your dashboard.
  2. Show All - will display all leads including hidden leads.
  3. Leads Inbox - only shows non hidden leads.
  4. New Leads - shows only new leads that have their status set as new leads.
  5. The red Awaiting Response - shows all leads that responded to an email sent by you and are awaiting a reply. This tab will only work if your email is integrated.
  6. The orange On Fire - this will only light up when a lead meets three criteria: Active in the last 72 hours, has a good email, and has a good number.
  7. The purple Pinned Leads - this will show any leads that you have pressed the push pin icons next to their name.
  8. The green Online Now - displays any leads that are currently online.
  9. The yellow Has Reminder tab that shows all leads that have a reminder associated with them.