1. Log into the backend of the site
  2. Use the Vertical Navigation bar  to the left
  3. Click on the My Account
  4. Then the My Profile tab
  5. Scroll to the Site Information tab
  6. Click on Import Leads
  7. Add the websites you wish to import leads from
  8. Click the Text Message Consent so that TORCHx is able to send text messages to leads imported by third party websites
  9. If you have Multiple Users you can toggle
    • Send Import leads to Queue - send Leads to a queue and then sent users in a line format
    •  Assign these Secondary Users to New Leads - which may be a backup agent to a lead or someone you are working a lead together on- just click on the text area and select the agent
    • First Secondary User to Accept Gets Primary Role – all users receive a notification for a new lead and users can assign themselves to a lead on a first come first serve basis
  10. Scroll down and press the blue Save button for your changes