Adding Additional Users

  1. Go to the Vertical Navigation bar on the left.
  2. Click Broker Admin.
  3. Next Click User List.
  4. Then over to the far right click Add New User.
  5. The minimum amount of information needed for setup of a New User is:
    • First and Last Name (Contact Information)
    • Email Address (Site Information)
    • Password (Site Information)

Adding Individual Setups

Under Site Information:

  1. Ad Campaign (Optional) – 2 options to choose from:
    • Leave this field blank for the user that is being set up so there is one website and all agents will be visible under that agents tab.
    • To use the field and create an individual agent’s landing page by setting up a unique link when they are managing their marketing.
  2. Agent Positon: Agent or Broker
  3. Then Setup by clicking on toggle options below for all of the following:
    • Lead Admin
    • Agent Visible
    • Agent Active
    • Accept Rentals
    • Only Rentals
    • Approved Blogger
    • Use Auto Generated Searches
  4. After making changes, scroll to the bottom and click Save for all changes to take effect.