To view all of the leads, login to the TORCHx backend.

Under Lead Information/Verifications, you will see the following:

  • Leads Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
    • Green Check Marks – Means it is a good Lead
    • Red X – Not good Information
    • Grey Check - Means it is not a good phone number at this time

 Below there are three tabs:

  1. Buying – Lets you know if the lead is a buyer or a seller
  2. Unknown – Tells you the referral source. If they do not click on a selection it will show unknown.
  3. – Once you activate it will show where you found your site.

 To the left in the Lead Information/Verifications, there are four boxes:

  1. Circle – If this circle turns Green, that means a lead is on your site right now
  2. Communication Icons – Logged a successful call or a lead responded to a text or email they received
  3. Push Pin – If you click this, it will turn purple. TORCHx will place it on a separate view that is saved for you will the purple corresponding tab (Pinned Leads)
  4. Green Eyeball – This is what you will click on to hide a lead. It helps in cases where the lead has provided you bad information. The lead will not get deleted- you can go back to view all active and deleted leads by clicking at the top Show All.