Property Stats

  1. The eyeball icon will show you how many properties the lead viewed.
  2. The dollar value will show you the average price of the listings.
  3. If the star is highlighted this means the lead saved some properties on the sight.

Search Stats

  1. The search Icon will show the different searches your lead made while you were on the site.
  2. The star and number means that the TORCHx system detected a trend in what your lead was looking at. The system most likely started a property match email that will go out.

Call and Email Stats

When a lead registers on the site, TORCHx will automatically send them an email and a text message introducing you.  But you should also try calling them right away too. If you connect with them, make sure you let them know that you saw them register on the site. If you cannot reach them by phone, send an email or text. At the very least, you want to let them know that you can set up a search for them based on what they are interested in, and you will send properties that match that criteria.

  1. 1st Green phone icon you will click for a successful call.
  2. 2nd gray phone icon if the call was unsuccessful.
  3. To send a Text, click on the text bubble.
  4. Click on the envelope under the Email Stats section.
  5. The first is how many emails were sent out to the lead.
  6. The second is how many were opened.
  7. The pointer finger is how many were clicked through.
  8. The last one is “inbox”, which shows how many emails were sent back to you.

NOTE: It is important to keep track of the icons because they are good indications of how engaged your leads are, and shows they are interested in what you are sending. These are potentially hot leads.

Status – Shows the types of leads

  1. To view different types of leads, you can view them under Status.
  2. Click on the lead in the Drop Down under Search for Lead in the filter (Example-Hot)

Agent – Who the lead was assigned to and when it was last worked

  1. Purple Finger – The last time the lead was worked
  2. Plus sign to the right – how many calls, text, and emails were made
  3. Green Box with circle – Click on it leaves a reminder for the lead
  4. Blue Box with Pencil – Can leave a note
  5. Box with Triangle – Lights up and turns Orange means lead has been active on the site