1. Go to your TORCHx website link provided and open your temporary site.
  2. On the left you can see your ABOUT [NAME] tab that will show how your profile currently looks.
  3. To edit this page, you can select Login on the right.
  4. Enter your username and password provided.
  5. The Login will then change to your name.
  6. Click your name and then select Admin Backend.
  7. On the left you will see the Vertical Navigation bar. This bar helps you navigate the website backend.
  8. Click on the My Account icon
  9. Then the My Profile tab.

Adding a Profile Image

  1. The first section shown allows you to choose an image of you to display on your profile.
    • Note: “Oops! Something went wrong during the upload.” will display.
  2. To resolve this, simply click please try again in the blue button and you can then upload your picture. 
  3. Click on Choose a local file in the blue button, and then navigate to where on your device the image you want to use is stored.

Adding My Contact Information

  1. Scroll down and look at Contact information.
  2. You can also add an MLS ID and social media pages in here as well.
  3. Below this, you can enter your Zillow reviews screen name to import Zillow reviews.
  4. You can find your Zillow reviews screen name in your professional information section in Zillow.
  5. You can also select a phone carrier and the Welcome New Leads SMS which is set to yes to send a text to a new lead when they register.
    • You can also toggle to No if you would rather do this yourself.
  6. Under this, you can select your time zone and your SMS availability.
  7. This will set it up to ensure you do not receive text messages at certain times such as 2 AM.
    • The defaults are set to normal business hours.

Adding My Signature

  1. Scroll down to Agent Signature which is added to any email sent from the system.
    • It is recommended to enter at least your name and email in this area.
  2. It is double spaced by default, but you can change this to single spaced by using the format dropdown above.
  3. Highlight all the text, and then select the drop down above that says Normal.
  4. Then you will select and scroll to the bottom of the dropdown menu and select Normal (DIV).